What does "Shared Plan" mean exactly? (and FAQs)

A Shared Plan means you can choose to share your total available storage with up to three family members. You are allowing someone else to use part of your total available Picturelife storage for their own Picturelife library.

Each person using the shared plans retains an independent, private Picturelife library.

What a Shared Plan does NOT mean

Sharing storage does NOT mean:

    • Sharing your actual Picturelife photo library. You still backup photos to your own, private Picturelife library.
    • Photos are automatically shared with those who share your Storage Subscription - to share your Picturelife photos with anyone, you need to use one of our several features - check them out here:

Sharing your photos, albums, and videos with Picturelife users and non-Picturelife users

An example:

  • I upgrade to an Annual Family Plan, which includes 100gb of Picturelife storage.
  • I only have 34gb of photos and videos, and don't expect to use more than 50gb.
  • Instead of letting those 50gb of unused storage go to waste, I decide to invite my husband (who has a free Picturelife account) to share my available storage.
  • He accepts the Shared Storage Subscription invitation and starts backing up more photos and videos to HIS OWN PRIVATE Picturelife library - the same library he used before I shared my storage with him.
  • I cannot automatically see the photos he stores in his Picturelife library, and he cannot automatically see the photos in my Picturelife library.

But I do want to share photos with the family members who are using my Shared Storage - what can I do?

We recommend that you use Family Stream. Family Stream is a stream of photos that you select and share with other Picturelife users who you have explicitly invited to access photos you add to your Family Stream.

Family members who are sharing your Shared Storage Subscription are NOT automatically added as Family Stream Contacts. You'll need to invite them to view your Family Stream through a separate (easy) process.

Once you've invited friends and family to view your Family Stream photos, start sharing photos - click here to learn how to share photos to your Family Stream!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

I sent a Shared Plan invite to the wrong email address. How can I fix this?

No problem! To fix this and send the invite to the correct person:

  1. Login to your Picturelife Account Settings and find the Invites section at the top of the page.
  2. Find the invite associated wih the incorrect email address and click Cancel.
  3. Finally, re-send the invite to the correct email address by clicking Invite, and then following on-screen instructions.

Make sure to double check the email address before sending the invite!

I sent an invite but I'm getting an error that says "this user already has a Picturelife account" - what should I do?

You get this error when you send a Shared Storage Subscription invite to a Picturelife user with an existing paid subscription. Since you can only share storage with a free Picturelife account holder, the invitee will need to downgrade to a free account before you can re-send the invite.

The invitee's Picturelife library and stored photos will not be affected by the downgrade - but she will be unable to upload any new photos until she accepts your Family storage invitation

How do I remove someone from my Shared Storage Susbscription?

The same way you added them (almost)!

  1. Login to your Picturelife Account Settings and find the Invites section at the top of the page.
  2. Find the name and email address of the individual you want to remove, and click Remove

The individual will be downgraded to a free account The individual will no longer be able to use your available Picturelife storage for her Picturelife library. Your available Picturelife storage will also increase, by the amount of storage the previous Shared Plan Invitee was using.

What happens to someone's Picturelife library when I remove someone from my Shared Storage Plan?

The individual who is removed from your account will be downgraded to free. Their Picturelife library - all uploaded photos and videos - will remain intact and available.

In order for that person to continue to upload NEW photos and videos, she will need to upgrade her own Picturelife account to a subscription plan.

I invited my wife to share my storage - can we merge our Picturelife libraries?

At this time, we don't offer a way to merge two libraries into a single library.

Wait. Can I really share UNLIMITED storage with up to three family members??

Yep! You read that right. Enjoy :)

Still have questions? Please add them to the comments below this article and we'll update the FAQs accordingly!

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    Chris Altman

    Do you have any plans to increase the sharing? I'm a married father of 4. I'd like to be able to share storage with all members of my immediate family. Right now I'd have to pick favorites between my children... even if I excluded my wife.

    None of which would help me sleep easy at night.

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