Editing 101 (iOS app) - rotate, crop, adjust orientation

Picturelife for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) - iOS Editing - Crop and Rotate

This tutorial covers cropping and rotating your photos using our built-in Aviary editor. Learn more about editing your photos using the iOS app.

Rotate Photos & Adjust Orientation

At this time, it's only possible to rotate one photo at a time by opening the Aviary editor. We're working on a batch rotating tool - but the Aviary editor offers many more orientation and cropping features in addition to rotating.

In particular, the editor enables you to re-orient and crop photos in the following ways:

  • Rotate the photo 90 degrees at a time
  • Flip the photo to create a mirror image of the original
  • Drag to custom rotate by tapping the double arrow in the Orientation editor and dragging left or right

Cropping tool

Reframe and resize photos with custom and preset image cropping options.

  • Custom - crop the photo without a constrained ratio - tap and drag the circle to what ever crop you prefer
  • Original - crop the photo while maintaining the original ratio of width:height
  • Square - constrain the image so that width and height are a 1:1 ratio
  • Pre-set ratios - use one of the pre-set, commonly-used width to height ratios

To crop a photo:

1. From within the Photo Editor, tap Crop Select the preferred aspect ratio from the menu (custom, original, square, or pre-set)

2. Tap, hold, and drag one of the circles in the corners to adjust the photo within the selected ratio constraints



3. Tap the image within the frame and drag it until it is situated as you prefer

4. Tap "Apply" when you've finished cropping and repositioning the photo



Don't forget to SAVE (as new or replace original) the edited photo!


  • Save As New - creates a new photos and shows BOTH photos in your Picturelife library
  • Replace Original - somewhat misleading. This does not delete your original photo - it replaces what photo you see in your Picturelife library. The original photo is always backed up to your Picturelife library unless you manually delete it. You will VIEW the newly edited photo in its place.

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