Installation Instructions - Windows PC

Picturelife works best when you use the Smartloader together with our web app and our free Android & iPhone/iPad apps.

What is the Picturelife Smartloader?

The Picturelife Smartloader is a free program that you install on your PC. You tell the Smartloader which photos to upload by pointing it towards the folders where you're storing your photos - the Smartloader will tirelessly look for new and existing photos and videos in those photos to upload to your Picturelife library for safekeeping.

Once the Smartloader uploads your photos and videos, Picturelife makes them privately visible to you  ("processing") via your logged-in, secure Picturelife account, whether you're logging in via the web or via one of our mobile apps for iPhone & iPad, and Android devices.

How do I install the Picturelife Smartloader onto my PC?

1. Download the free Picturelife Smartloader

Get the Smartloader from - click Download Smartloader for PC to initiate the download.

2. Install the Picturelife Smartloader

Open your PC Downloads folder and find setup.exe - double click setup.exe to begin

You will then be prompted to Run the Picturelife installation - click Run - the security warning is normal and is nothing to worry about.

Once the Application Install menu opens, click Install

When the Status Bar hits 100%, the installation is complete! Picturelife will then immediately open and walk you through the login and setup process.

That's it! Now all you need to do is choose your Smartloader upload folders!

...and Picturelife will do the rest!

Next step: Login and set up your Smartloader upload preferences.

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  • Avatar
    Akamine Teruya

    Any chance to see the app to Windows Phone??? Nokia has the best camera phones and I miss the app on my Lumia.

  • Avatar
    Steven Grady
    Unfortunately, the installer encounters an error when trying to install. It looks like it's trying to download a resource "PLSync.application", but it isn't working.
  • Avatar

    I have the exact same problem as Steven Grady above. Very disappointing because it will not allow me to drag and drop my videos yet I cannot install the desktop uploader.

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