The Picturelife Updates issue - July 14

Thank you for all of your awesome feedback on the recent Picturelife updates (the good, the bad, and the sorta ugly...). We sincerely welcome it all.

Here you'll find a list of open issues, along with their current status. I'll update the blog as they're fixed and deployed.


  • Issue: Video player not working correctly - learn more
  • Status: FIXED! Videos should now play immediately when you click the Play button on the web! (I'm pretty excited about this fix, if you can't tell).
  • Issue: Web editor - the editor opens for a second, then closes - unable to edit photos via the web app
  • Status: FIXED! Another one I'm excited about!
  • Issue / Feature Request Batch rotating is unavailable - and single image rotating is inconvenient (several clicks to rotate one photo)
  • Status: We use (and love) Aviary's photo editor with Picturelife - but we realize rotating photos can take up a bit of time through the editor. We're looking into solutions that will enable batch rotating via the web app - no ETA, but it's top of the list.
  • Issue / Feature Request: can't share albums with Family contacts
  • Status: Many of the sharing features are offline as we update the way sharing works in general - keep an eye out for announcements over the next few weeks!


  • Issue: Shared storage accounts - recipient's user interface does not reflect the correct available storage amount
  • Status: Top priority, working on a fix today


  • Issue: Can't do actions with multiple pictures at once
  • Status: We know you want to share multiple photos at once, add them to an album, hide, etc. We took multi-select offline temporarily with the new version of the iOS app because we wanted to make it much better and more fitting with the new interface. We apologize for the inconvenience! It is a top priority of ours, and it should be back in August 2014. In the meantime, you can always still multi-select in the web app!
  • Issue: Can't use app without granting camera roll access
  • Status: Sorry about that! We've already submitted an update to the app store that will enable you to log into a Picturelife account and use the app without granting camera roll access. It should be available this week.
  • Issue: Photos not getting uploaded / showing up in iOS
  • Status: Top priority - trying to reproduce. Once we can reproduce, we'll deploy a fix.


  • Issue: Selective folder backup is unavailable, resulting in unwanted photos and videos backed up to Picturelife
  • Status: Top priority - working on a solution this week
  • Issue: Albums are temporarily offline
  • Status: They'll return within the next 3-4 weeks
  • Issue: Large libraries are difficult to navigate
  • Status: We're adding a few features that will make this easier to do via Android - such as Search, Timeline scroll, Albums, etc.

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    Youssef Hanna

    We are waiting for the new Android version. When it should be released?

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